Humanities Means
— Josh Berk, executive director
Bethlehem Area Public Library

Humanities in action

May 24, 2016

From Chinese Shadow Puppetry, which tells tales of moral lessons and reinforces cultural customs, to Griots in West Africa who use anecdotes to conserve family and cultural histories, stories communicate ideas, share lessons and carry tradition. Today, one of the most popular blogs and best-selling books in the United States, Humans of New York, comprises stories gathered from residents on the streets of New York City. Similar to the way that stories can shape an individual’s outlook on life, sharing stories about your community can help to transform it. Storytelling is an excellent tool for successful community planning; it can help to engage those voices that are unrepresented and bring to light the values and interests of those living and working closely together.    

Apr 21, 2016

Today, as the Pulitzer Prizes are awarded for the 100th time, we find ourselves in an increasingly challenging environment of funding cuts in education and public services, angry civic dialogue, and communication dominated by sound bites and 140-character "messages." But, as PHC executive director Laurie Zierer writes in a Philadelphia Inquirer op-ed, the humanities and the skills they teach offer hope and focus in challenging times. Read the op-ed. 

May 13, 2016

The Pennsylvania Humanities Council (PHC) has been approved for a $45,000 Our Town grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and will use the money to support a Creative Exploration Zone (CEZ) in the City of Chester’s Historic Arts and Culture District. This zone, to be located in the 500 block of Avenue of the States, will test methods to temporarily animate public outdoor spaces using local creative energy and talent. It will bolster the cultural assets and evolving creativity within the city’s arts and culture district by developing a series of design-and-build events that involve the community's youth.  

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Our Vision & Mission 

At the Pennsylvania Humanities Council, we believe the humanities inspire people to make a difference and come together to advance cultural diversity, economic vibrancy, and an equitable society.

Our work is grounded in people. We connect Pennsylvanians to each other through stories, ideas, and experiences that can change lives and transform communities.  

We champion and redefine the role the humanities play in educating citizens and strengthening community. Our programs create pathways for learning and creativity, spark dialogue and civic engagement, and encourage diversity of expression.