Commonwealth Speakers:The Souls of Black Baseball: Barnstorming the Keystone State


Get to know the stories of Octavius Catto, Oscar Charleston, Cum Posey, Gus Greenlee, Eddie Bolden and others who contributed to Pennsylvania's rich black baseball history. Journey across Pennsylvania to discover and appreciate the greatness of teams such as the Pythians, the Hilldale Club of Darby, the Philadelphia Stars, the Harrisburg Giants, the Homestead Grays and the Pittsburgh Crawfords. Through video interviews and guest appearances by living players, we follow players and teams as they move from little towns and twilight leagues closer to the national spotlight. The Souls of Black Baseball explores how Pennsylvania players contributed to moving the black leagues, and the nation, out of the shadow of the Jim Crow era.

Equipment: DVD player with remote control and/or a laptop computer with remote control. LCD projector or TV/monitor with sizeable screen for group viewing also requested. If possible, podium.


  • Bob Allen, State College
    Former Philosophy Instructor, Penn State University

Key to Presentations
F Family/Younger Audiences
H Hands-on/Active Participation
L Lectures
P Performances
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